Is all your meat from your farm?
Yes, all out meat is raised on our own farm. We do not sell meat from anywhere else. Find out more about us here (link)

Is your meat organic?
No, our meat is not certified organic. However, we pride ourselves on raising our animals to the very highest welfare standards. All our animals are free-range for most of the year (we do offer our cattle housing in the coldest, wettest months). Our animals are grass-fed and have acres over which they have free access. They graze on unfertilised, species rich pasture. We have a passion for raising animals to the very highest standards and will never compromise on animal welfare.  

Is the meat delivered frozen?
No, all our meat is delivered fresh in chilled packages. It is perfect for home freezing.

When is the meat available?
Our meat is currently only available in limited amounts, seasonally.

Can I choose a delivery day or time?
Our meat is currently only available in small quantities for a limited time. Therefore, we have limited purchase and delivery options, please choose the best day at check-out.

Do I have to be at home to receive my delivery?
No, our meat is sent in packaging with ice-packs, which will keep the meat chilled until approximately 7pm on the day of delivery. Therefore, if you will not be at home, please make sure you specify a safe place for our couriers to leave it.

Is there a delivery charge?
No, our prices include packaging and delivery.

Do I have to buy a whole box? Can I just buy a joint of meat?
Right now our meat is only available in our box scheme.

Is your meat halal?
No, our meat is not halal.