About us

Cannwood Farm is a 140 acre family farm nestled in the beautiful Brue Valley in Somerset.
We raise small herds of rare-breed White Park Cattle, Poll Dorset Sheep and Tamworth pigs. All our animals are out-door reared on our own farm in small herds to ensure the highest welfare standards. All our land is farmed under Higher Level Stewardship and the animals are grass-fed and supplemented with hay in winter, which we produce on the farm or from our like-minded neighbours. We try to reduce our impact on the land as much as possible. We do not plough or fertilise. We encourage the growth of species and nutrient rich varied pasture to provide the very best to our animals.


Conservation and biodiversity is at the very heart of what we are about. We believe that low-input, extensively produced, high welfare is the best way of producing top-quality meat. We hope you agree!